Marigold restaurant
Chef Vanie

Seek out the stylish, uncluttered space in the square at the end of Hugenot Street, and your taste buds will be wowed all the way to North India. Here authentic cuisine is prepared by chef Vanie Padaychee, to wide acclaim.

Curries, chaat and tandoori items on the menu are a hit, as is the lamb rogan josh. Vanie loves making home-made garam masala, and cooking with fresh coriander and deggi mirch (chilli powder from India). Tandoor cooking is her technique of choice, as she loves the charcoal taste of food with spices. Part of the Leeu Collection, their Mr Singh gave her his family recipe for butter chicken, for which locals and visitors offer loud applause. Vanie, with the chefs from Northern India in her kitchen, is always brainstorming, cooking and eating. “My travels to India have taught me the cuisine, and I have a private chef teaching me this style of food,” she says.

Diners coming to Marigold for the first time ask the well-informed staff to guide them in their choice of dishes, chefs then cook and adjust their seasoning from mild to very hot. Up to 80% of fresh vegetables come from the Leeu Estate, “I know the ground in which it is grown, what has been used in the growing process and know it is harvested 30 minutes before it gets to my kitchen.  I have a simple rule, if I don’t eat it, I’m not serving it.” Many of these guests have come on the recommendation of family and friends of Vanie’s, from all over the world.

“I’m all about family.  Being raised in a very big Indian family, we love food.  Every time I’m cooking I think I’m cooking for my family.  We have regular guests in and they have become ‘family’ now.” Chef Vanie Padaychee


Address: 9 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, 7690

Telephone: 021 876 8970