Winelands restaurant
Winelands restaurant
Winelands restaurant

Appreciate the view of the small, open kitchen indoors or the lawns and Franschhoek mountains outdoors during a culinary adventure. Liam Tomlin and Chefs Warehouse fans love the vineyard setting of the Weylandt family home. Home is the feeling you get from the moment you walk into the winery for a tasting of Maison wines, to the chickens that cluck around the garden, dubbed ‘tomorrow’s tapas’ by the friendly staff. There is even a resident pig, Porcini.

Unwind with a little retail therapy from the cook’s toys and books and trendy merchandise, beautifully paired as part of the décor, showcasing this collaboration between Tomlin, Weylandt and chef David Schneider. Here David demonstrates his talent for robust, layered flavours and plating finesse. He prides himself on making the most of ingredients – olive brine, whey and other by-products, used to perfection. He makes his own bread, butter, charcuterie and cheese, and cuts his own meat, having worked as a butcher. “Time is the best ingredient,” he claims, and applauds produce from the valley, like Franschhoek trout.

Tuck into the generous array of small dishes in their ‘tapas for two’ menu. The ‘pastrami and pretzel’ dish never leaves the menu – at first glance simple, it yet takes time and many techniques to perfect and is superb. David is an avid cookbook collector, which with fresh ingredients, nature, travels and passionate suppliers, constantly inspire him. “I start with a great raw ingredient, explore and respect it by finding the best ways to bring the most out of it in terms of texture and natural flavour, and pair it with other elements that will enhance and place focus on that ingredient,” explains David. His ethos regarding provenance and producers is admirable, leading the way in creating locavore cuisine.

Finish off with one of the sublime desserts, leave with memories of spectacular food in a special place.

We must think of South Africa as an underutilised cultural and food treasure.” Chef David Schneider


Address: R45, Franschhoek, 7690

Contact: 021 876 2116