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Cape Town restaurant
Cape Town restaurant

‘small, seasonal, sensational plates of the Cape’

This creative collaboration of La Mouette’s chef patron Henry Vigar and former sous chef Andre Hill draws inspiration from Andre’s childhood in colourful Bo-Kaap in Upper Bloem Street. The open kitchen allows diners to see tapas-style plates being prepared. Their position on the Main Road of Green Point allows the team to be energized by sunshine during the day, and by the bustle of the busy street at night. Here the quality of fine dining prevails, in a relaxed environment.

Shades of salt, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper in geometric tiles and upholstery form a modern backdrop for a nostalgic journey of small plates. Andre’s childhood exposure to spices is ever-evident, without being overpowering. Delicate dishes like cured kabeljou with a sago crisp, pickled radish, curry and raisin and the Saldanha Bay mussels with spekboom, parsley oil and sea essence make way for bolder plates. The ostrich ‘bunny chow’ dumpling with shallot crumb and buffalo fromage blanc is sure to delight. Vegetable dishes like the Cape Malay-style onions with pickled aubergine and caramelized onions and the tandoori carrots with whipped goat’s milk yoghurt and candied black rice, are stand-outs. Moving into the ‘main’ plates, expect something typical of seasonal Cape cuisine like the lamb neck biryani and beef short rib with Jerusalem artichoke, sweetbreads, tongue and apple. The thread of happy memories can close with the dessert board that features milk tart doughnuts like grandma used to make.

Smiling, attentive service and local wine pairings add to the enjoyment. The set menu of three courses of three plates in each, has been palatably priced to suit local pockets. The express lunch is six plates instead of nine, with the bread course being optional. There is a vegetarian menu and a Sunday bubbly brunch option. Regulars are devoted, returning ‘home’ regularly for a new take on old flavours.

“The colour palette reminds me of Bo-Kaap and the barber shop I was taken to for haircuts when a small boy.” Chef Andre Hill

Address: Shop 1 Winston Place, 65 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

Contact: 021 433 1442

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