April 24, 2021



by Richard Bosman

  1. You need a selection of cured meats. Prosciutto, coppa, bresaola, salami and chorizo are my go-to favourites but feel free to add in some cooked ham or pastrami.
  2. You need a paté or terrine. Duck liver, pork terrine or rillettes work well.
  3. You need some cheese – pick a variety – one hard, one soft and shavings of Parmigiana work well too.
  4. All the above is quite rich and you need some acidity to balance the meal. Pickled vegetables, olives, artichokes, capers, cornichons, sundried tomatoes and peppadews™ work well.
  5. Sweet things can work but don’t go overboard – instead of fig preserve thank piccalilli, Branston pickle or mostarda.
  6. Bread, get something decent. Lightly-toasted sourdough brushed with confit garlic is a winner.
  7. We eat with our eyes! Find a beautiful big platter and arrange the meats, cheese and pickles with some height and try to be creative. Rolling up meat is forbidden (it’s like listening to Milli Vanilli).
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