December 13, 2019

From casual restaurants to roof tops

FROM CASUAL RESTAURANTS TO ROOF TOPS HEARTFELT THANKS Restaurants and chefs continue to inspire us. We wish to thank them for their loyal support. They remain ...
November 29, 2019

Celebrate this time, come on!

CELEBRATE THIS TIME, COME ON! LOU-LOU'S Every Friday is a reason to celebrate. Last Friday I met a fellow food-lover for a light bite at the ...
October 10, 2019


BEAUTIFUL, BREATHTAKING AND MORE THAN BETROTHALS The dramatically beautiful Bosjes Chapel in Worcester, in the picturesque Breede Valley, is where many have exchanged vows, the ...
July 26, 2019

Restaurant Mosaic

A MEMORABLE COLLABORATION OF BOTANICAL CUISINE, WINE AND ART I felt my pulse diminish as we drove through the glistening gateway of the Orient Hotel ...