Gourmet Guide Jenny Handley presents a series of enlightening chats with Pavs Pillay, Environmental Behaviour Specialist for WWF-SASSI.

The JHP Gourmet GuideTM teamed up with WWF-SASSI to award the first-ever Haute Performance Green Philosophy Plate in the 2024 guide and will do so again in 2025.

WWF-SASSI share in our belief that it is a chef’s responsibility to source ingredients as responsibly as possible, especially regarding fish and seafood.

We know chefs are busy creative people so we hope you will delve into these short podcasts while driving, stirring or chopping!

Up for discussion in each podcast:

1. Sourcing fish and seafood responsibly is essential in a restaurant. What do you suggest that chefs take into consideration?

2. Can you explain the WWF-SASSI ‘robot’ system that makes it easy for restaurants and home chefs to choose wisely?

3. The ‘On the Menu’ report outlines what is actually happening in restaurants in terms of sustainability. Can you give me a quick summary?

4. What criteria does WWF-SASSI consider for awarding the Haute Performance Green Philosophy Plate?

5. Chef Peter Tempelhoff, winner of the WWF-SASSI first-ever Haute Performance Green Philosophy Plate in 2024, chats to Jenny Handley about how to practise sustainability.