July 24, 2020

A real pick-me-up – the pick-up & go from Beau

Tapas from Beau


Many current conversations are about what we miss – firstly and undoubtedly, family. Secondly, the lower half of a face and smiles, hugs, social gatherings, normality, and of course, wine with a restaurant meal. Hopefully the actions of courageous restaurateurs will change the way government thinks, acts and dictates, soon.


I have carefully considered what I miss most about restaurant experiences. The anticipation, the intoxicating aroma of food, the visual stimulation of what is presented on a plate, the interaction with the chef and the team, and of course, then writing about it. But back to the anticipation – I was delighted when I saw at 3pm last Friday, a photo of Ivor Jones’ lamb rib pie on Instagram, knowing that a few hours later, that was what I would be tucking into. Having booked for a Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia Pick Up & Go to end the working week, I could not stop salivating.


On arrival on the estate, after sanitizing, we were led to the counter. As always, it is a joy to watch these chefs seamlessly at work. Perfectly planned and timed, each chef explained their course. It works like poetry in motion, until a diner like me wants to know more from Ivor about dry-aging the yellowtail for four days – how, what, when and why – whilst watching the yellowtail sashimi being placed in our take-away container. Next up chef Braam whet our appetite with the coal-seared tuna and spicy Vietnamese noodles. Then Ivor again, tempting me to lift my mask to allow the heady fragrance of the ginger and pork dumplings with Szechuan chilli dressing to enthrall.

Penultimately I got to meet the lamb rib pie with Jerusalem artichoke and aged Gruyere gratin that had dominated my afternoon. Lastly we were shown the sweet potato and lamb fat bread which was later used to absorb every delectable drop of sauce) and the wild honey and lavender cremé and fresh honeycomb – the base of the signature cremé bruleé dish that puts me into overdrive after every Beau Constantia experience. You know you have dined to elegant sufficiency, but you know how good it is so you order it anyhow…yip, that’s the one. Click here for the recipe. I am sure it will tempt you to order the pick-up and go, and support them at the same time.


I popped a few items onto our basket, like the Szechuan chilli dressing and kimchi, and whilst settling the bill we were given wine recommendations. We drove home, quickly, opened a bottle of well-chilled Silverstre old-vine Chenin Blanc and followed the specific cooking reheating instructions. The meal was sublime, but we drew the line at the dessert, keeping it for the next night. Elegant sufficiency at its best. The initiative is unique and at R800 for Tapas for two, well worth the treat.

Tapas in Cape Town

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