COST: R7500 excluding 15% VAT


DURATION: Up to six months

START DATE: 30 January 2020

END DATE: 1 August 2020

TUTOR SUPPORT: One-on-one personal feedback.

REQUIREMENTS:Computer and internet.



  1. Get started (research, reading, style, habits).
  2. Planning and structure (brief, audience, types of articles, angles, headlines).
  3. Write (vocabulary, spelling, grammar, culinary terms).
  4. Recipes, photography and captions.
  5. Interviews and reviews.
  6. Editing (checklist).
  7. Personal marketing and publishing.
  • Each module includes a video overview, expansive theory, recommended reading and an assignment.
  • Each writing assignment will be professionally edited, and feedback provided.
  • Seven modules make a manual – you will have a comprehensive book on food writing.
  • After completion of all seven modules successful candidates will be certified.