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This glossy guide celebrates all that is beautiful when it comes to cuisine. The inventive fare that is served by chefs all over the country is always appreciated by the eyes first. These visual feasts are often presented on bespoke dinnerware created by another artist – Mervyn Gers. Mervyn’s recipe for success is based on simplicity and surprise, his designs are cutting edge and contemporary. He collaborates with the chefs to create objects that will best showcase their work. Each element of a dish is taken into consideration. He acknowledges that people want products with a story, made by humans and not machines.

Experiencing different cultures and cuisines inspires Mervyn’s designs. He enjoys making functional but beautifully designed pieces. His design aesthetic is influenced by past design and colours and then transformed into contemporary pieces. Dinnerware is handmade and organic in shape, yet modern and relevant.

The studio, where the team create their own clay bodies and glazes, showcases the full range. They print their own transfers, resulting in truly unique end-products of the finest quality that beg to be held and admired. Quality control is an important part of the creative process – every item is carefully inspected, and by firing at a very high temperature, strength and durability are ensured.

This year, in addition to the 25 plates, he is presenting each chef with a breathtaking ceramic wine cooler – plus bequeathing a special plate to each of the five winners of the first Haute Performance Awards. These too will no doubt become heirlooms to be appreciated by the next generation of gourmets. Look out for them when you visit each of the plated and awarded restaurants – or when you visit his showroom in Paarden Eiland to admire and shop.

“I enjoy revisiting past shapes and designs to create something new and innovative.” Mervyn Gers


Address: 4A Dorsetshire Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405


Mervyn Gers
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