David Higgs
Johannesburg restaurant

‘a home-grown international experience’

Celebrity chef David Higgs is revered for his consistency; his reward is Marble being fully booked every night. The restaurant offers diners the whole flame-grilled package – from exceptional service to top-quality ingredients. The idea is that you don’t need to travel to have a global dining experience. The restaurant in the modern Keyes Art Mile precinct promises ‘the Marble Journey’ – including super-stylish décor, innovation and attention to detail – from serving plates to artwork, rare vintage and international wines against sunset views of Jozi.

Everything revolves around the restaurant’s ‘live fire cooking’ theme – watching the chefs in action in the open kitchen with the special wood-fired grill bringing South Africans back to the beloved pastime of sitting around a fire.

David and business partner Gary Kyriacou keep pushing the boundaries, both in the kitchen and behind the scenes, by doing novel things like hosting special edition dinners, with international chefs. The idea is to start in the bar, where even the music is designed to lift your spirits, and then move onto your meal in the relaxed main seating area. And then perhaps meander back to the bar for a nightcap…

Almost everything on the menu has a smoked or fired element on the plate – from roasted peppers to smoked pesto. Expect a diverse range of dishes, including, but not focused on, special cuts of meat. There’s something for every taste, from sea bass to cauliflower steaks, with vegetables prominent on the menu. Definitely don’t go banting when it comes to the complimentary breads – wood-fired milk flatbread and airy-yet-crusty focaccia (mildly burnt of course), served with a creamy pumpkin dip.

Top sellers include the rib-eye steak, served with a potato sauce, oyster mushrooms, smoked-bone marrow and thin crisps. Expect plating to be clever – not too complicated or fussy but still sophisticated. Even the simple Caprese salad is a special treat, with avocado, smoked pesto and fresh Burrata cheese.

“We have a good formula; we offer a good product. People work hard for their money and they expect an experience. We try our best to offer that.” Partner Gary Kyriacou

Address: 19 Keyes Avenue, 3rd floor Trumpet Building, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

Contact: 010 594 5550

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