Ten Bompass
Ten Bompass

The intimate, stylish restaurant, Winehouse, is the drawcard of the boutique hotel called Ten Bompas – popular for business lunches and dinners, romance and leisure too.

Whilst meandering through the food and wine pairing, you will stop to exclaim over the melanzane, just moments after the heart-stopping tomato terrine with a herb bavarois and onion dashi cream. The emphasis is on seasonal cuisine and the menu constantly evolves, but the braised pork belly is a stalwart. In summer and spring you will see artichokes and white peaches, in colder seasons granadillas and truffles, favourite ingredients of chef Johannes de Bruijn. He favours braising and fermentation, with a unique cooking style heavily influenced by Asian flavours. His inspiration is vast, from visual stimuli like art that affects colour and shapes on his plates, to childhood memories and travels.

“With a global movement towards responsibility and sustainability it’s essential for us as chefs to play a part in changing the world through the way that we eat. One of the ways in which we work toward that goal at Winehouse is to grow a range of organic vegetables and herbs on the property for use in the restaurant,” says Johannes. He is passionate and has pride in supporting local producers and farmers.

I believe that the restaurant should be viewed as a stage and that everything we do needs to be executed correctly in order to complete the performance. We are now, more than ever expected to provide an experience and not just a meal.” Chef Johannes de Bruijn


Address: 10 Bompas Road, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg, 2196

Telephone: 011 325 2442

Website: www.tenbompas.com