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David Higgs
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Chef David Higgs is multi-talented and multi-tasking, busy with a new restaurant in Sandton, a TV series and a recipe book, but it is at Marble in Rosebank that he lights his passion for cooking on open flames. After years of creating a name for fine dining, at Marble he has reconnected with how he loves cooking, to wide acclaim. “I caught and cooked fish on fire when I was a youngster – the simplicity and beauty made an impact on my life.”

There is much to feast your eyes on, the quality of the ingredients, the impressive bar with sweeping city views, and the breathtaking décor but it will be your meal of many innovative flavours, colours and textures that creates a memory. Regulars, many of them corporate business professionals, enjoy personal interaction and food they can identify. “Joburg diners know what they want, an experience and to know that they matter,” says David. Here it is not fussy or uptight, but creatively he still pushes the envelope. “It’s simple, it’s meat on a plate – it has to be good if there are no foams or frills to hide behind.”

Marble is not just for carnivores, expect seafood and delicious vegetarian fare flamed on the open fire, or quail with a tamarind marinade, chorizo hummus and warm butternut and chickpea salad. To start perhaps grilled calamari with almond mole and crisp chicken skin, or fired tuna slivers with grilled pimento and pancetta? The rib-eye steak with a creamy potato skin sauce and bone marrow butter will hit a high note. Keep space for the legendary ice-cream sandwich. Marble offers an experience, so whilst you may be remembered if you are a regular, know that as their mantra is ‘ever-updating what we do’, no two meals will be the same.

Opportunity comes when you are dedicated to your craft.” Chef David Higgs


Address: 19 Keyes Avenue, 3rd floor Trumpet Building, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

Telephone: 010 594 5550