August 7, 2020


Sushi - Cape Town




That’s the Japanese word for welcome…

Every year my friend Anne and I head off for a welcome break in August to celebrate Women’s Month, our ‘Thelma and Louise’ escapes. They usually involve a lot of food, wine, chatter and shopping – and when we can, exotic destinations. This year we knew it would be different, homebound. I managed to orchestrate dates so that my man was having a father-and-son bonding session the same weekend. Prior, Thel and Loo had a conversation about the itinerary for the weekend. “I would love a dining-in option, and preferably sushi,” stated Thel. Imagine my delight when I opened emails the next morning, and found one from Nobu asking me to try a ‘Nobu at Home’ experience.




Two-plated Nobu at One & Only Cape Town only knows how to do things with finesse. The stand-out was a personal, hand-written note from chef Harold Hurtada, wishing us zen and comfort in these trying times. Two elegant black boxes lined with Nobu paper showcased a few of my favourite dishes. Dressings were labelled for each dish, so no instructions (other than to enjoy!) were needed. We poured our Champagne, picked up our chopsticks and moved onto the deck to enjoy the backdrop of a sea breeze as we devoured the salmon. Then black cod miso, Harold’s signature dish, still warm. We tried the sushi and pronounced it sublime. A 10-minute debate followed – should we finish the sushi now or should we keep it for later? Outcome – later, let’s make it last as long as possible.


An entire afternoon was spent salivating for the contents of the second black box – the remaining sushi plus slices of tenderloin of beef (and I mean tender) with a spicy dressing, served with a salad of baby spinach, kohlrabi, dry miso and Parmesan, dressed to perfection. This dining experience was more than irasshaimase, it was the highlight of a fun weekend that included walks, talks and a bit of binge watching instead of binge shopping.

The only Nobu in Africa is offering a collection and delivery service in Cape Town – world-class dining on Wednesdays to Sundays, from noon to 19h00. Prices are per item ordered – make up your own box.

Order via Dineplan or Whatsapp on +27 60 564 0820.

One & Only Cape Town

Welcome to the weekend, stay safe and warm and remember to acknowledge the women in your life!

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