Reuben Riffel


‘humility and passion’

Reuben is a much-loved, well-respected and popular celebrity chef, restaurateur and media personality, yet remains humble. Having played a large role in putting Franschhoek on the culinary map with his original restaurant on the main street, his impact in the community has been widespread and significant. He is undoubtedly one of the South African chefs whose passion and integrity has inspired many to follow in his footsteps. His recipe books and philanthropic work are much-lauded. Reuben’s establishments at One&Only Cape Town in the V&A Waterfront, in Franschhoek, and @The Capital in Johannesburg are sophisticated, yet down-to-earth; places where people come to celebrate food and life with friends and family. Seasonal menus are inherently South African, with obvious influences from Asian and Cape Malay cuisine.

The front page of the menu in Reuben’s, Franschhoek states, ‘My heart was formed in the kitchen of my childhood, and it is in kitchens where my adult heart now resides’. Growing up on the outskirts of this town, locals are truly proud of Reuben and his success. It ends off with, ‘And how I got here is a story of love. And hard work, yes but mostly it’s about love. The love of family and the love of food’.

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