July 20, 2022

Congratulations to Fyn, fine dining at it’s best

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We are so proud of FYN restaurant for being placed 37th in the World’s 50 Best, and for being deservedly accoladed as the BEST IN AFRICA.

Five is a magic number for the Japanese. If you present a marriage gift, it will be a set of five cups and saucers, or glasses, as the set cannot be halved.  There are no half measures when it comes to dining at FYN on the fifth floor of Speaker’s Corner in Cape Town. Five-star Japanese-influenced, Cape-celebrated fine dining at a level only those who truly understand Japanese cuisine, can appreciate. For others, it is a welcome into a new world of sophistication, authenticity and sublime flavours.


After a trip to Japan, I understood the instinct that chef Peter Tempelhoff and his team of Jennifer Hugé and Ashley Moss have developed for translating the ethos of Japanese cuisine and combining Japanese and local ingredients so successfully. Every nuance of the dining experience is carefully considered and watching the chefs at work in the open kitchen is poetry in motion. Despite the hustle and bustle, they work in sync and serenity to provide an eye-catching culinary show. The kaiseki tray is sure to delight, the service impress. You are encouraged to pick up the dishes and feel the food in a show of true sensory appreciation.

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Fyn restaurant in Cape Town - Worlds 50 Best


We were very proud to immediately award FYN two plates in the year of opening, as no restaurant in the Plate Rating system is ever given three plates initially. Consistency is such a large part of our criteria, and when newly opened, no restaurant has yet stood the test of time. One plate is given for excellent cuisine, two for exceptional dining that demands a detour, and three plates for destination dining that is worthy of a flight. FYN seems to be a good example of all three? FYN was however, deservedly presented with the SWISS Culinary Innovation Award.

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FYN restaurant South Africa

It’s no surprise that the Japanese Embassy has twice acknowledged two-plated FYN’s contribution to showcasing Japanese cuisine at the tip of Africa. Chef Peter Tempelhoff has been appointed as the first ‘Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador’ – his second award bestowed by the Ambassador of Japan to South Africa.

Congratulations to Peter, Jennifer, Ashley and their team for shining the spotlight on South Africa, for being a good example to the industry, and for making us proud. Thank you.

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