June 5, 2020

Friday night fabulous

Restaurant deliveries



In our family foursome, the men are known as Handbrake, Handsome and Handful. I’m known as Hands-on. Very. My two months of lockdown have been filled with the letter F, the first month (BO – before op) frenetically freezing and fermenting, the second (PO – post op), full of frustration and using a fair allocation of the F-word. Getting used to being Handless after a debilitating shoulder op has been challenging for a cook in captivity, now left-handed only, in a frigging sling. Handbrake is now (domestic) Hero as I’ve relinquished all control of household responsibilities.


Being a tactile person brings challenges – working with food is a sensory pleasure that I sorely miss. In desperation, I hauled out a recipe for a six-minute microwave chocolate cake and made it with my left hand and a fork. As a writer, having to type with one hand rather than 10 fingers flying over a keyboard at the same pace as my thoughts, is another challenge. There have been many lessons learnt whilst delegating more, and I have never been prouder of my team. The Winter edition of the Gourmet Guide magazine is the proof. Our e-mag continues to forge ahead in these uncertain times, as does our online food-writing course.

Free magazine


I have been accepting of my limitations – and many a restaurant delivery! It’s my time to support the chefs and restaurants that support us. Last Friday our team indulged in a well-deserved treat after meeting the magazine deadline – a DIY delivery box from Den Anker. Chef Doekle has loaded all instructions onto YouTube so my domestic hero could prep without intervention from me, following beautifully printed cooking instructions. He easily managed, muttering, to clean the prawns before cooking them in a yummy chilli and garlic sauce. These were devoured with sundowners of a Cherry Chouffe and Duvel beer (a fortuitous get-well gift), a match made in heaven. An hour later the juiciest, flavour-filled Wagyu burgers with béarnaise sauce, pickled onions and crispy chips with mayo were duly appreciated – all sandwiched in a feather-light bun – simple with one hand. We looked at the Belgian waffles and sensibly decided to put those aside till Saturday. We had them piping hot, dusted with icing sugar and topped with to-die-for ice cream, all supplied. The best news is that now one can order Belgian beers to accompany your feast. Great value at R325 for two (choose either the prawns, mussels or burgers) or the vegetarian option of sweet potato, butternut and chickpea curry for R265. Add R300 and your meal for two will turn to a meal that feeds four. Visit their website to place your orders, pick your time and day and await your beautifully packed gourmet meal.


In addition to putting together these brilliant boxes the Den Anker team are hard at work feeding those in need through Back-a-Buddy, raising over R170k to date. Visit https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/bowlsoffood and help them support those in need.

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