February 8, 2022

Fine wine, fine dining and finesse

Please note that the Icewine Festival Africa has been postponed to 2023. For any queries contact Joseph Harry on joe.harry@icewineafrica.com.




The iconic Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel, which boasts not only the best views in Jozi, but it’s where wine aficionadas choose to sip in the lap of luxury. Diarise Saturday 26 March for a wine festival that will change the way you enjoy wine. Icewine Africa will be graciously presenting the maiden Icewine Festival Africa Edition from 12pm to 9pm. This wine festival has been conceptualized and curated with sophistication at its heart and the event will embody the character of the Icewine.

Celebrate autumn, celebrate quality, be sure to celebrate at this elegant occasion.

Four Seasons, The Westcliff
Icewine Africa Festival


For the uninitiated and those who are not yet in the know Icewine is a unique style of wine produced from naturally-frozen grapes that have been harvested in temperatures of -8 to -10°C. Frozen grapes yield about 1/8th of the juice that fresh grapes do, and the process of winemaking may take up to 10 to 12 times longer than the standard winemaking process.


A wine that will change the way you love drinking. Its concentrated sweetness and acidity give untold flavour and a bold character. It’s memorable in every way, in every moment, from the first sniff to the touch on your lips, to the appreciation on your palate. It’s extreme, like velvet in your mouth.


It’s time for you to taste a world-class natural wonder. Make these memories in elite company overlooking the Johannesburg skyline where you will be able to savour a variety of vintages of these Canadian Icewines. The talented culinary team of the Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel will be pulling out all the stops to ensure that the food pairing is as spectacular as the wine.

Only 100 discerning guests can be accommodated, at a cost of R1400.00 per person. Hold your glass, rub shoulders, sip and be seen…at this unforgettable, glamorous event.

TO BOOK: Contact Joseph Harry on 072 504 2726 or email at joe.harry@icewineafrica.com.

Icewine Africa festival March 2022


Be sure to savour Icewine in many ways…they are dessert wines, sweet to the taste, sweet in experience. Made from a variety of grapes, they are best served chilled. Pair them with desserts, piquant and punchy-flavoured foods.


A little goes a long way, and it stays fresh for longer, if sealed and refrigerated, due to its generous sugar content. Be sure to enjoy within two weeks of opening.


Inniskillin White Sparkling Vidal Icewine 2018

The charmat or cuve close method is used to capture the natural bubbles within stainless steel tanks. This unique style offers a dry sensation to Icewine as the bubbles cut the natural sweetness of the red berry or tropical flavours – the perfect harmony between sweet and acidity – fresh and animated.

Inniskillin Cabernet Franc Icewine 2019

In a class of its own, this varietal is different from the other Icewines. Appreciate the strawberry fragrance and flavour derived from the red berry characteristics of the vinifera grape Cabernet Franc translate as an Icewine. The beautiful hue comes from pressing only, with no skin contact during fermentation. It’s all about perfect timing – the earlier the grapes are harvested, the darker the colour and the deeper the flavours.

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