‘showcasing Mother Nature’

When the team is led by Mother Nature, and all parts operate in perfect harmony, the results show on a plate. Avondale farm is where chef Dale Stevens and proprietor Johnathan Grieve and their passionate team work and play. State of play is determined by the ever-changing seasons and natural rhythms; the soil, water and sunshine.

Craftsman Dale (the word faber means craftsman, artisan or creator) and his chefs forage and harvest their ingredients from the farm. Plants and animals are integral and well-appreciated members of the team, even the squirrels who eat what was planned for the menu. A seamless flow from the surrounds to the happy, open kitchen and front-of-house encourages everyone to lend a hand. The result? Everyone shares their positivity with guests in warm, knowledgeable and engaging service. Simple, authentic fare is paired with the organic wines of the biodynamic estate, making it an all-round, wholesome, memorable experience.

If you ask any one of the key players what their recipe for success is, they will tell you that it’s terra est vita (soil is life).

Address: Lustigan Road, Klein Drakenstein, Paarl, 7624

Contact: 021 863 1976

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