Springfontein Eats
Springfontein Eats

At the end of a dirt road is a farm with a restaurant and accommodation that has put the quiet town of Stanford on the culinary map. Here Mother Nature offers the finest produce to the kitchen. What is foraged and picked daily or sourced from artisanal suppliers nearby is what chef Jürgen Schneider gently teases into superlative dishes. These are paired with wines from the extensive wine list, local and international.

Regulars return for quality and ingenuity, and Jürgen’s penchant for wood sorrel, mushrooms and samphire. Formerly the holder of a Michelin star in his restaurant in Germany, he favours low temperature cooking in the belief that it reduces stress to a product. Here in the country he gathers inspiration from hiking and cycling through nature, then taking nature into the kitchen.

His travels and heritage, and eating in top class restaurants around the world have greatly influenced him. The result is five-star food in a relaxed, farm setting. Listen closely and you may hear chickens, or the laughter of people enjoying casual food and wine in the barn next door to his sophisticated yet relaxed restaurant.

The food is first class, uncomplicated yet carefully crafted. We should be aware that basic knowledge and history of cooking is the basis of our modern cooking,” he says.

“A restaurant is a place of joy and fun! Chefs and service is like dancing together, the best is when you can dance from a waltz to a tango…” Chef Jürgen Schneider


Address: 8 Wortelgat Road, Stanford, 7210

Phone: 028 341 0571

Website: www.springfontein.co.za/content/springfontein-eats