If solace, sand and a sea-view are on your menu for leisure, then head to Leeto Restaurant in the Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel, in Paternoster on the West Coast. There are 13 sea and nature-facing rooms, with more in the pipeline. The light, airy restaurant also takes full advantage of the dune setting, letting the view, sea air and nature in on wind-free days.

Chef Garth Almazan and his small team produce a carefully considered menu that features local wines. Previously chef at Catharina’s Restaurant, he has welcomed the move to the sleepy seaside village that has become known for culinary appeal and simplicity. The menu changes weekly, but you are sure to see a signature risotto on it at any time. It could be his verdant spring risotto with crunchy green vegetables as the star of the show, or the prawn and calamari risotto. No surprise that fish is a menu hero, as Garth grew up near Kalk Bay in Cape Town. Having a father who is a fisherman means that he truly understands seafood, and remembers the days when it was plentiful, caught by sitting with a line at the harbour.

He loves cooking with firm, white fish, and ensures that the restaurant is SASSI-compliant. Most of his seafood is locally sourced, and a treat will be linefish, like sea bream, caught that morning. In an effort to source ingredients locally Garth can be found at local markets like the one in Hopefield. Inspiration comes from his experience and from books, and the sea.

When I was a kid fish was plentiful – I could drop a line and catch plenty of calamari.” Chef Garth Almazan


Address: Patterson Slot, Paternoster, 7381

Phone: 060 927 0403