Cape Town restaurant
Ivor Jones
Chefs Warehouse

‘each dish its own journey of discovery’

Unparalled views unfold over Constantia’s verdant vineyards and extend to False Bay. Arrive early and you will see the chefs picking their herbs and gathering fresh inspiration. Begin with a wine tasting, or be sure to choose some of the Beau Constantia wines with your lunch or dinner.

‘Tapas for two’ unfolds a series of globally-inspired small dishes of indigenous ingredients.  Varied textures and tastes expand with every mouthful of the clean, simple dishes balanced into three waves. Here is a chef who is having fun, constantly creating, “There are no rules,” says head chef and co-owner Ivor Jones, who with Liam Tomlin, wows discerning diners.

Your worldwide voyage of discovery may start in Morocco, with linefish escabeche ‘slangetjies’ (made from chickpeas) and sumac cream or the east with coal-seared tuna, lime and tamarind vierge, horseradish with the thinnest slithers of lime leaf. Stay closer to home with a pressed venison tartare, with shaved shiitake mushrooms, wild rosemary, bay leaf, truffle butter, bramble jelly and house brioche – served simply, yet complex in its entirety.

The two ‘middle’ courses are always vegetarian, perhaps a piquant BBQ carrot risotto with smoked macadamia nuts and beurre noisette. In winter expect a Jerusalem artichoke crispy cream served on a bed of pine needles, with pine-needle salt. As with all dishes, you will be walked through exactly how best to enjoy them – this one, in one mouthful. The lightest slither of pastry is deep-fried to create a pillow, filled and topped so that every second of enjoyment introduces yet another flavour. Head to south-east Asia, Mexico and India for the linefish Bhaji (hake) – served on a skewer with a ‘dragging’ plate of BBQ corn sabayon, ancho chilli and lime purée.

The wild honey and lavender cream with honeycomb pieces creates a heavenly crunch in your mouth, softened by the small quenelle of smoked-cassia-bark ice cream. All desserts are decadent, so keep a small space for just one.

“Seriously good food, carefully executed in a casual, accessible environment.” Chef Ivor Jones


Address: Constantia Main Road

Contact: 021 794 8632

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