Don Armando
Cape Town restaurant

Tucked away in a side street of Green Point amidst many other quality eating establishments is Don Armando, part of the Mastrantonio family. Here cooking the freshest ingredients on open fires with Argentinian flair in a quest to present authentic flavour, has been a winning recipe.

It’s more than just asado (barbeque). For entrada (starters) choose the blood sausage with tomato and onion salsa or the spicy chorizo with chimichurri. Grillados (mains) are more than merely meat. All dishes, including fish and chicken, are served with chimichurri, and if you wish, robust sauces and side dishes, and perhaps an Argentinian wine? Satisfy your sweet tooth with dulce de leche.

The personality of chef Daniel Toledo is indicative in many dishes, but his Picanha stands out – the iconic cut rump is consistently succulent and juicy. He favours artichokes, asparagus and figs. His Argentinian heritage comes to the fore with the undeniable style of grilling to perfection and complementing it with the freshest herbs and vegetables.

Daniel’s travels in South America feels like a home-coming and going home is always an inspiration, saying, “This is where I find my soul.” Where does the name come from? Don Armando was named after his dad Armando, who is Argentinian. We used to have a Parilla braai every Saturday night back home as kids. This is my absolute inspiration.” He believes that provenance is always important, “We look after our suppliers the same way we look after our customers.”

“A good restaurant is always about food and people. Ultimately, when these meet the result should be love, love for food and love for life.” Chef Daniel Toledo


Address: 20 Cobern Street, Green Point, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 021 418 1462