V & A Waterfront
Cape Town restaurant
Den Anker

Commanding the best vista of Table Mountain from Cape Town’s working harbour, Den Anker is on many visitor’s itinerary. The African Queen bar and outdoor seating lure those wanting to quench their thirst, serving authentic Belgian beers and the locally produced Anker beer. It’s locals who tell visitors to take a seat at Cape Town’s legendary table.

There are firm favourites still on the menu since they opened in 1994, like the pepper steak with its creamy sauce and the mussels.  Chef Doekle Vlietman favours fresh ingredients such as tuna in summer while in winter you’ll see fresh asparagus, chicory and traditional dishes appear on the menu. Now his inspiration, having travelled to Belgium many times in the early years, is gleaned from eating at restaurants here and abroad, and by doing online research. Coming from a European background he has always been strongly influenced by the European kitchen, and as a youngster it was his mother who showed him the ropes behind the stoves. “We use small suppliers and are also very active in importing unique products that are only available and originate in Belgium ourselves.”

The beer tasting served with tapas is a hit for casual dining, and the fish and chips – with the fish battered, naturally, in beer – is ever-popular. Try to leave space for the Belgian chocolate mousse, another perennial that hits the high notes, along with professional and informative, happy service.

“Great experiences come from an excellent meal shared with friends.” Chef Doekle Vlietman


Address: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001

Telephone: 021 419 0249

Website: www.denanker.co.za