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Cape Town restaurant

If you desire classical and conservative with a guarantee of gourmet food that never goes out of fashion, then Aubergine is a great choice. Chef patron Harald Bresselschmidt grew up on a dairy farm in Germany and honed his skills across Europe before coming to SA in 1992, opening Aubergine in 1996. No surprises with the décor, it remains the same, in the former 1830 home of the first Chief Justice of the Cape. It is the bastion of traditional fine dining in Cape Town where for more than 20 years Harald has stayed steadfast and true to what he can do. Discerning diners from near and far come for his timeless, not trendy, cuisine.

Here the wine leads the way – master of gastronomy Harald follows his passion for wine first, selects from his impressive cellar and perfectly crafts a menu to pair with it. His well-trained and knowledgeable staff, equally passionate, take true delight in guiding guests through the carefully considered pairings.  Watch out for stand-out dishes like the seafood potpourri, delicately balanced and delicious. Carnivores will love the game, perhaps blue wildebeest with tortellini and walnut foam and black trumpet mushroom dust. Harald is passionate about premium produce. “I had a vision and it has not changed. Youngsters come into the market and make it exciting, and tourists come back. Regulars come for my style, it is new combinations that provide the change.” When the seasons change the menu takes full advantage of what is growing in Harald’s garden in Stellenbosch, so for regulars, there is always something different to delight their palates.

The aubergine, a chameleon ingredient, cooked with uplifting summer accents will make you want to reach for a fragrant white wine, or made so wintry that only a heavy red will do. Either way, Harald will know what to do.

“We still concentrate on a celebration of the wine.” Chef patron Harald Bresselschmidt


Address: 39 Barnet Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Telephone: 021 465 0000