May 6, 2021

A hamper of happiness

Plum tart by Jenny Handley



It’s official. My love language is now gifts (in addition to acts of service and quality time…). My preference? Preferably practical, ethical and local. Fresh produce ticks all the boxes as it’s all about origin!

A hamper from Boschendal’s carefully curated Farm Shop & Butchery arrived at my door to herald in the weekend, nature’s bounty newly hatched. Even the greeting card was made from recyclable paper scattered with parsley seeds. Star of the show was a handful of fresh plums, plus 10 recipes to guide my weekend of play. The 1800-hectare farm dates to 1685, a significant producer of premium wines, is South Africa’s largest grower of plums as well as home to Duroc pigs, Black Angus cattle, and free-range chickens.

Boschendal gourmet hamper


Two freshly-baked pasteis de nata were instantly devoured. My man joyfully sliced the freshly-baked bread and lathered it lashings of the heavenly farm butter, added pastrami and slices of black barrel-smoked cheese. Whilst nibbling on the rosemary seed crackers, I set about making the recipe for the plum salsa, using the fresh plums and olive oil. I eyed the citrus-infused plum cordial concentrate as I hummed and chopped, conjuring up a few of my own recipes using that. A beautiful dish cloth, adorned with plums, piqued my interest in the crafted homeware of the shop, curated by homeware style icon, Paul Duncan. Truly sustainable, the shop includes a selection of previously-loved books and glassware, in addition to artisanal products. Big decision now – to visit the farm shop or to simply, order seconds? The lure of the books may win.

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Jenny Handley and Boschendal

PLUM CRAZY – a nugget of knowledge

  • Plums are members of the drupe family, with cherries, almonds, nectarines, apricots and peaches.
  • They vary in size from the size of a cherry to an adult fist.
  • They are eaten fresh, dried or preserved, and enjoyed as juice, jam and wine.
  • Plums are very nutritious, plentiful in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, and are low in kJ. Dried plums (prunes) are renowned for alleviating constipation and preventing osteoporosis.
  • When selecting plums smell them, and check that they are full in colour, slightly yielding to touch. Ripe plums are soft at the bottom. It’s time to move them to the top of your shopping list!
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